Apple Health

Apple Health is a no-cost health plan available to residents who meet income and eligibility requirements. Apple Health provides comprehensive health care services with no copays, premiums, or deductibles. Benefits include dental and vision services, preventive services, prescription drug coverage, emergency care, behavioral health services, maternity care, substance abuse treatment, and children’s health and safety programs.

Are You Eligible for Apple Health?

Individuals and Families: Household Size/Annual Income Requirements

Individuals and Families Income Grid


Pregnant Women: Household Size/Annual Income Requirements

Pregnant Women Income Grid


How do I enroll in Apple Health?

Eligible residents can enroll in Apple Health at any time. Get more information on how to enroll.

Can I choose my health insurance plan when I enroll in Apple Health?

Yes, you can choose your health plan. If you would like to choose your plan at the time of enrollment, an In Person Assister at a local Community Health Center will be able to help you enroll in your plan of choice. If you enroll online through and would like to change the plan assigned to you, call Community Health Plan of Washington at
1-800-440-1561 within 5 to 10 days of enrollment.

There are three ways to change your plan:

1. Visit
2. Call Medicaid Customer Service: 1-800-562-3022
3. Call Community Health Plan of Washington Customer Service: 1-800-440-1561