Health Insurance Basics

There are several things you need to know before choosing a health insurance plan. Understanding your options, costs, and benefits can make a big difference in the quality of your care.

What to look for in Health Insurance

It can be difficult to find coverage that meets your health care needs and fits your budget. Consider these things when shopping for insurance:

  • Premium versus Protection – Health insurance that covers more tends to cost more. Weigh the cost of the policy with the amount of protection it offers.
  • Cost to You – Determine what you will have to pay for your policy, including costs for services.
  • Benefits Offered – Check whether the plan covers the health care services and medications you require.
  • Provider Network – Find out if your doctor accepts the type of insurance you are thinking about buying.
  • Added Perks – Many insurance companies, including Community Health Plan of Washington, offer additional programs and services that are free to members. Look into what’s available to you beyond what’s covered in your policy.

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