Member Benefits

As a member of Community Health Plan of Washington, you get access to a variety of services and
 materials available online or through our Customer Service department.
The following plans and programs are additional benefits provided to our members.


New Arrivals
Rewards and tips for a healthy pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can find support and resources throughout their pregnancy with New Arrivals and First Steps. These free programs help pregnant members maintain a healthy pregnancy and earn rewards. Learn more about the New Arrivals program.
Kleenex Box
Not feeling well? Call our free Nurse Advice Line – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Toll Free: 1-866-418-1002, TTY Relay: 1-866-418-1006.
Quit Smoking
You can quit. Achieve your goal and quit smoking with the help of a coach, aids, and web support with the Quit for Life program. Learn more about the Quit for Life program.
Receive rewards for keeping your kids healthy with ChildrenFirst. Kids receive
rewards for staying up-to-date on immunizations and well child checkups. Speak to a physician to learn more. Learn more about the ChildrenFirst program.
Get well with CaféWell, our free online health and wellness tool. Get advice and tips, find fun activities, and improve your wellness with personal coaches dedicated to answering your questions and keeping you motivated. Members earn rewards for better health. Learn more about CaféWell.
Cell Phone
Get a FREE phone with Assurance Wireless. If you qualify for a free phone, you will get 250 free minutes and 250 free texts. Learn about the Assurance Wireless program.
Doctor cupping heart
Health information at your fingertips with Health and Wellness A to Z. Take an active role in your care. Get information for staying healthy, learn about health conditions, access information on when to get care, and more.
Health Homes
Learn how the Health Homes program can make managing your care easier. Receive assistance with transitional care, care coordination, health education, care management, and much more.
Get Community Health Plan of Washington information at your fingertips. The My CHPW app conveniently allows you to search the provider directory, and access the 24/7 Nurse Advice Line on-the-go. Available through the iTunes App Store and Google play.
Mental Health
Manage your mental health. The Mental Health Integration Program gives you easier access to mental health providers in your primary care clinic, for no additional fee. Care coordinators can consult with specialists and make mental health referrals for you, if needed. Speak to a Community Health Plan of Washington representative to learn more about our mental health resources. Call us at 1-800-440-1561.