Holiday Safety

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Holiday Safety

Posted on November 22nd, 2018 - Reading Time: < 1 Minute/s

The ER isn’t anyone’s favorite place to spend their holiday. A lot of people end up there during Thanksgiving with injuries that could have been avoided. We put together some tips to help you stay safe during the holidays.

Fire Safety

  • Do not leave food unattended while it’s cooking
  • Do not use water to put out a grease fire. Use a lid if it’s small. Use a fire extinguisher or baking soda if it’s bigger.
  • Make sure you fire extinguisher is handy and smoke alarms have new batteries.

Food Safety

  • Do not leave your thawed turkey in the refrigerator for more than two days.
  • Cook turkey until the meat hits 165 F.
  • Don’t let food sit out for more than two hours.

Travel Safety

  • Don’t post your travel plans on social media.
  • Stay focused behind the wheel and buckle up.
  • As always, do not drive if you’ve been drinking.

Nobody wants to go to the emergency room on a holiday, but if someone is burnt or severely cut, chokes, has alcohol or food poisoning, or hurts themselves while playing, it’s time to get emergency care.

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