Mental Health Support in the Workplace

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Mental Health Support in the Workplace

Posted on July 3rd, 2019 - Reading Time: 2 Minute/s

A new partnership will bring more mental health resources and training to the workplace. The National Council for Behavioral Health and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have come together to help businesses address mental health concerns of their employees.

The Mental Health First Aid at Work program trains employees on how to identify and support someone who may be experiencing a mental health crisis or substance use concern. Businesses have been using the program since 2008 and the new partnership will help make it more accessible to businesses across the country.

Mental health issues can have a big impact on company culture, causing lower productivity, high turnover rates, and a stressful work environment. Signs that someone is struggling with mental illness in the workplace could be:

  • Lack of energy or tiredness
  • Bad mood and short temper
  • Trouble focusing
  • Poor performance
  • Trouble making decision
  • Loss of hope

The Mental Health First Aid at Work training teaches important communication and support skills. It focuses on how to safely and respectfully talk about mental illness. It encourages employees to take responsibility for their own mental health and to be considerate of their coworkers. Learn more about the program on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Support Your Mental Health at Work

Work can be a stressful place sometimes and constant stress can lead to crisis. If you are feeling overworked or too busy, remember to take a break during the day. A short, five-minute break can help reduce stress and anxiety from a busy workload.  Here are ten ideas that will support your mental health in the office.

  1. Get a plant for your desk and nurture it
  2. Put a puzzle in the break room
  3. Set aside time to clean up and declutter your desk
  4. Write positive comments on a whiteboard and give kudos to your coworkers
  5. Take a short walk
  6. Drink lots of water
  7. Stretch for a few minutes at the copier
  8. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  9. Deliver mail or a memo personally
  10. Share a comic and have a laugh

Bonus: Take a mental health day. Schedule a day off two weeks from now and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Having a day off makes you feel recharged and refreshed. As a result, you’re more productive. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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