Harmful Effects of Pulling an All-Nighter

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Harmful Effects of Pulling an All-Nighter

Posted on September 10th, 2019 - Reading Time: 2 Minute/s

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is enough time in the day to get everything done. It can be tempting to skip a good night’s rest to catch up on work or get a project done. College students are notorious for pulling all-nighters before exams or to write essays. An all-nighter means you stay up all night and skip sleeping. Or, you may only get a few hours of sleep.

Sleep helps your body recover from day to day and lets your brain recharge. Not sleeping enough at night has negative effects on your well being. From irritable mood to throwing off your body chemistry, pulling an all-nighter may be a quick fix but has long term effects on your health.

4 Ways an All-Nighter Will Affect You:

Impacts your memory and cognitive function. After an all-nighter, you usually feel foggy, groggy, and disoriented. You will find it harder to concentrate and remember things. It even affects your judgment and ability to problem-solve.

Makes you moody. Irritability is a common effect of sleep deprivation. It messes with your emotions and makes it harder for you to self-regulate them. This means you become angry or sad more easily. Extreme changes in your mood affect your well being and over time, can lead to physical health problems.

Could be the reason for weight gain. A sleepless night also changes your metabolism. The hormones responsible for your appetite and feeling full become more active at a different time of the day than usual. This usually leads to craving more sugary foods and carbs. Overindulging can lead to weight gain or even obesity. The change in hormones slows down your metabolism and it makes it harder for your body to burn calories naturally.

Increases your risk of developing a chronic illness. Changes to your sleeping habits can throw off your body’s natural hormone production. For example, staying up all night triggers the hormones that regulate your body’s blood sugar to peak at night rather than during the day. Over time, this change in blood sugar level puts you at risk for diabetes. Your body has a natural internal clock that makes you sleepy at night and alert during the day. Changing this natural rhythm can wreak havoc on your body.

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